Grace Period for Remedying Defect in Nomination Submission

Local Election Supervisors may grant a grace period to all prospective candidates who have attempted to complete the nomination process by September 13, but have a defect with their submission. This grace period is only available to candidates who have made a good-faith effort to complete the nomination process by Thursday, September 13. The defect might be a shortage of valid signatures, failing to submit the required candidate statement due to problems with using the web site, or failing to submit the signed cover sheet, which includes the statement that they have read and understood the fair campaign provisions. This grace period is to be administered equally for any candidate, within the practical administrative time limits of the election supervisor’s ability. However, the possibility of a grace period does not give additional rights to prospective candidates. The LES shall make a cursory examination of all prospective candidate submissions to look for defects, but the failure of the LES to notice a defect in time, or the discovery of a defect after the grace period does not give the prospective candidate grounds for an extension or a complaint. If the LES discovers a defect in a nomination submission in time, the LES will attempt to contact the prospective candidate to seek a remedy. The Election Supervisors will attempt to notify all prospective candidates of the existence of the grace period to remedy defects. The grace period may last until September 20, 2012. If a defect is not remedied by the prospective candidate by Sept. 20, or a defect is discovered by the LES after Sept. 20, no remedy is possible, and the prospective candidate will be disqualified.