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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I am Andrea Turner a KPFA Protector Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board. I am a past KPFA and Pacifica National Board Member.  I have worked to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility to the Pacifica network. It has been a great challenge amidst intense opposition and I deeply appreciate my KPFA Protectors colleagues who bring creativity, skill and dedication to addressing the threats to KPFA’s future.  Our beloved KPFA station building is now at risk. Our building, (paid for by KPFA Listeners) was used by Pacifica as collateral on a loan to cover debt incurred at station WBAI. Pacifica’s loan is now in DEFAULT. If re-elected to the KPFA LSB, I will continue to seek effective solutions to protect KPFA’s building, staff and programming through more financial autonomy for KPFA.

I am a singer and musician with Vukani Mawethu—a multi-racial community based social justice choir which sings freedom songs of Southern Africa, and songs about struggles in the United States and globally. We collaborate, perform and organize to inspire and unite people to strive for peace, justice and equality for all.  Like KPFA, we are speaking out against the bombing and killing of the innocent people of Gaza, the majority of whom are women and children, and the intolerable conditions under which they are forced to live. I am deeply grateful for all of KPFA’s news, public affairs, music and cultural programs that have covered this humanitarian crisis.  I hope to help ensure that KPFA has the resources that it needs to continue moving forward with its mission of peace and social justice. 

I am also involved in helping provide resources and safe living situations for women and children at risk for domestic abuse. I especially appreciate that KPFA covers women’s issues and programming that addresses the needs of vulnerable communities. 

Please help us keep KPFA strong and on the air.  Please vote for me, Andrea Turner and 9 KPFA Protector candidates. (See
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