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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
I can't quite pinpoint the moment I discovered this wonderful station, but 90.1 FM has been my number one favorite for well over a decade. You get music that you won't hear on Clear Channel stations, discussions you won't hear on AM radio, and news you won't hear on NPR. I always tell people, "If you don't like what you hear on 90.1, give it about an hour, and you'll hear something else."

KPFT is more to me than just a radio station. It is a community that I want to see thrive. I have donated to this station for years, I paid it a visit on the new location's grand opening, and I have been known to call in to a few shows.

As a political activist, KPFT helped me get my feet off the ground. During the Pandemic-era board election, I was the station's Local Election Supervisor. I learned about democracy on a small scale, and how the station boards operate. Today, I am a Precinct Chair, a delegate, and campaign manager for a candidate in the Democratic Party.

I have a background in marketing and brand development, and I think KPFT could use my skills where applicable. Please vote for me for Listener Board.
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