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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
In today's media world, trying to keep everything the same is a recipe for failure.
Only about half as many subscribe to KPFA now as earlier in the century.
But what needs to change, and how, so that KPFA remains viable? What should not change?


Technology: obviously, KPFA must do more to adapt to technological change and new ways (some no-longer new) of accessing media. KPFA's archives must be searchable; otherwise they're like a library with no catalog. Multimedia is no longer the future; it's here. More programming must include video.

Will online technology replace or coexist with radio?
Among spine-chilling concerns with privately-owned digital-media: privacy, security, simple access, inclusivity.

Our opponents push major network restructure. We need new structures. But who will decide? Proposals rewarding those who have caused this mess (NOT simply “Pacifica”) are severely destructive, result in more right-wing additions, will probably tank KPFA.

New structures require CAREFUL coordination, not slick propaganda.

Hearing the community: KPFA's management and board need to work more seriously at listening to communities the station serves. Previously, KPFA town-hall gatherings were well-publicized and well-attended. Recently the board has taken to holding fake town halls, a selected-few board members talking at length; almost no listening. It's time to bring back the real thing, and to do more community outreach.

News: Having recorded, gathered, condensed and aired news, I KNOW that can be intensely hard. More coordination with unpaid staff, some professionally-trained, some award-winning, is a win for all. Let's end marginalizing of reporters offering other than a Washington consensus line on certain subjects.

Just a few outstanding programming highlights:
Hard Knock Radio: segments of Mumia; Davey D's lyrically profound insight; Letters and Politics: Mitch Jeserich's calm deep eye-contact questions, “California, A Slave State;” multiple shows working to unpack arcane economics and legislation; Education Today: incisive interviewer and longtime activist-intellect Kitty Kelly Epstein (on KPFA even education is captivating). Project Censored imparts thoroughly-researched views. – These shows and others rich in riveting personal histories open us far beyond the personal; Music from rare treasure Art Sato, or deep honorable Avotcja, gospel music, Music of the World, and more! A gorgeous variety of music (and too few know it).

Peace, not war: Continue KPFA's historic anti-war orientation. Why 9 prime hours of war-promoting Ian Who's-it -- placing "progressive" crumbs among poison seeds? (Effective propaganda generally mixes fact, distortion, omission, and removal of context and perspective. His and some others' “effectiveness” is not ultimately effective if it disempowers true critical perspective, masked as carefully devised “analysis.”)

I'm a huge advocate for community media, having worked in it when I was young. I saw how it brought people together for dialog, even in conservative Utah. It made a difference – it can still.

Your 'STV' ballot lets you choose multiple candidates. Please vote for me, Virginia Browning, and the entire Rescue-Pacifica ticket. Our endorsers include Peter Phillips, Ann Garrison, and others. To learn more, visit Thank you!
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