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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
In New York City there is only one people-powered, listener-supported, free speech, anti-war radio station for the 99% - WBAI 99.5 FM.

We are part of the 5-station Pacifica Network, founded by Pacifist Lew Hill in 1947. Although, the origins of BAI go back further.

I have watched closely, and from my vantage what I see is that our station is under attack and the censors and destroyers are closing in. They would corporatize our powerful 3-state signal or sell it outright, and I think it is clear they are doing everything they can to shut us down.

As I see it, regrettably, some of the censors are members of the Listener Station Board (LSB) of the Berkeley, CA station, as well as Pacifica's new Executive Director. It’s a fight to the finish for free speech radio in New York City. I was elected to, and am serving on, WBAI’s volunteer LSB.

We, the listeners, approved our By-laws by a majority vote. Now the ED and some members of the Pacifica National Board are, apparently, attempting to circumvent the By-laws. I think the evidence is that already the same group of individuals are attempting to dictate how we in New York run WBAI, without seeking opinion or input from the WBAI LSB.

When democracy is under threat around the world, nationally, in New York City and now in the governance of WBAI, I will stand for democracy – no matter how messy it is. We do not need this at WBAI, when everything, elsewhere is going cattywampus.

Our listener numbers MUST increase for our survival. Internecine fighting is not the answer.

Vote for me and I will continue the fight for free-speech radio.

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