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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
My name is Chipasha Kanya Luchembe. Originally from Zambia, I am running for the Listeners Station Board of KPFK. I have been a listener-sponsor and volunteer with KPFK since 1974, and an educator and community activist for years across Africa, Europe, and the Americas. I have been Professor of History at several universities in Southern California, including UCLA, UC Riverside, Cal Poly Pomona, California State University Northridge, and San Bernardino Community College, and in Africa at University of Zambia and University of Botswana.

I was member of the Board of the International Relations Council of Riverside, California, serving on Sendai (Japan) Sister City Committee. Additionally, I was a founding member of City of Los Angeles-Lusaka (Zambia) Sister City Committee.

I have a proven record of activism, going back to the Free South Africa Movement during the darkest days of anti-apartheid, as well as in other liberation and civil rights struggles, including the Free Palestine movement. In Los Angeles, I worked with the Paul Robeson Community Center to fight for labor rights and social justice. In the City of Perris , Riverside County, I helped organize Perris Association for Community Empowerment (PACE), which transformed the city from an apartheid-like structure. In 2012, we achieved a milestone by electing Perris first Latino representative on the City Council and first Latino Mayor.

Recently, I founded the Inland Empire Lorenzo Torrez Club, dedicated to making a difference in the community. This club leads the struggle against labor exploitation and environmental degradation and supports labor union organizing in warehouses. It advocates for a ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza.

I aim to strengthen the link between KPFK local and global listeners by leveraging its social diversity. If elected, I will work to make KPFK a true voice of our local community with a global perspective. I will promote greater KPFK presence and participation in community events, especially among underrepresented groups, and conduct outreach to show KPFK as their platform for sharing news and activities.

In practical terms, the LSB must take KPFK to the community. Fundraising can be more proactive by engaging listeners between events, preparing them for fundraising drives. California diverse cultural events offer excellent off-air and in-person fundraising opportunities, such as African Independence Day, Chinese Lunar Year, and Latin American festivities, recognizing KPFK as their voice.

Regarding fundraising, I propose creating an online event page, holding charity events, organizing community-wide donation drives, forming drive committees, hosting charity concerts and silent auctions, celebrating heritage, organizing cultural food festivals, community garden days, cleanup events, field days, and open mic days. These initiatives will raise funds and strengthen KPFK grassroot community connection.

I envision KPFK as a bridge uniting our local community with the world, celebrating our listeners' diversity. I see great potential in KPFK to empower and inform. This process has started, but it can be improved and expanded. I am running to make this happen, and with your support, I will work to achieve this vision. I respectfully ask for your vote.
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