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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
First I was a longtime listener to KPFK, then a volunteer, and eventually non-union paid staff. I created a successful show - Another WorldView Is Possible, and was later elected to the LSB, twice.

I was also illegally (criminally) suspended from the LSB, twice - for whistleblowing on blatant criminality and malfeasance. Telling the truth, even about the shenanigans at KPFK, only earns you friends, amongst the well-informed audience. I resigned in disgust, as Democratic party stooges took control of the station, the network, and its governance - and then watched as they've run things into the ground, ever since. They hijacked the network, and destroyed a once significant audience, that I had helped to build.

Since then, I've mostly just stopped listening, and I'm not alone in that. I feel like I often know more BEFORE listening to some of KPFK's shows, than I do afterwards. Disinformationalists have been elevated to prominence, and allowed to linger on our air, endlessly collecting paychecks, for driving the audience away. And make no mistakes about it, the malignant cabal that has ruined things over the past decade and more, wants to continue with that model - replacing listener-sponsors with Foundation funding - that compromises our mission-compliance and destroys what once made Pacifica a last bastion of truth, in a sea of corporate media lies.

Since I walked away from Pacifica, more than a decade ago, the malfeasance and cancerous ROT has only gotten worse. How many current PNB Directors, and LSB Members in the network, have exceeded their elected terms, and still remain, in violation of bylaws mandated term limits?

While "New Day" has promulgated the BIG LIE that democratic listener governance, and listener elections have brought Pacifica to ruin, that cannot possibly be the case. We had democratic processes and oversight, when our listenership and relevance were at their all-time peaks.

The problems at Pacifica are with compliance and fidelity to our bylaws and election rules. One slate wants to scrap our elections, and to pack our boards with hand-picked Democratic party hacks, who'll vote as they're told. Another slate wants to cheat in our elections, so they can install unqualified neophytes and political operatives - who'll also vote as they're told. We need a return to INDEPENDENT, conscientious governance, that places the mission and compliance with the bylaws ahead of political considerations, whether external or internal. The Bylaws require listener candidate statements to be played in 'carts', on-air, in a rotation, during times of significant listenership. How many have you heard, during this election?

The problems at Pacifica can be FIXED. But I can't do it alone.

I need your first vote - to help restore the Station and the Network, to being a beacon of Mission-driven, Listener-sponsored, broadcasting relevance and excellence - with democratic governance and oversight. Done correctly and ethically, using vision, talent and strategy, it all works. We proved that during the 2000's - the station's most successful era. Help me to cure the CANCER in Pacifica.
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