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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
I Gina DeBaca am a Community Organizer, activist and Director of a Cultural Center. As an Avid listener and supporter of Pacifica KPFK 90.7 FM, I am running as a Candidate for the LSB because I have unique indigenous attributes that can enhance Pacifica Radio as a whole and KPFK's LSB.

I would like to serve on the LSB because KPFK is an Important tool that the left has in Los Angeles. I see us making KPFK function better as part of my work for peace, justice, equality and Liberation.


Co Founder; Mothers For Justice

Co Founder; Santa Monica Cultural Center

Co Founder; Youth Justice Coalition

Current Board Member; Pico Neighborhood Association

Former Board Member; Kuruvungna Springs

Former Board Member; Southern California Regional Strategy Coalition (PIC)

Co Chair; Santa Monica Violence Prevention Coalition

Sub Committee Member; Pico Youth & Family Center

My Roots are in Santa Monica, where I grew up and remain active on the Westside. I witnessed the Mass gentrification of the entire Westside.

Under my leadership, The Kuruvungna Springs had weekly Native Dance classes. We created Intercultural Youth Training Projects taught by volunteer professionals.

My goal is to create high quality, diverse programs, including cultural, local, national, inter-national, musical and intellectually diverse and to have a management structure which supports that diversity and creativity. My ability to forge productive relationships among people, as well as my Organizing and raising funds skills will benefit KPFK radio station.
I ask that you consider Ranking me high on your Ballot.
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