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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
My background is diverse, having gone to more than 27 countries and participated in many workshops, rituals, ceremonies, and gatherings, it has taught me that listening to the voices and cultures of others has been so impactful, that it has imbued me with a sense of humanity that speaks to who we can be when we work together for the greater good.

I am no savior nor to I pretend to be one. However, what I can be is a collaborator with those who wish a long life to a community-based media outlet that can be more than the sum of someone’s need for power. We can empower so many communities with the strength of purpose to do what is right, to build rather than tear down. It is an opportunity for people to come with one vote when making decisions, to discuss and listen to one another in honesty and integrity. I’m on no one’s side, but on the side of doing what is right.

My Skills Set
“With nine published books, including the acclaimed Black Bible Chronicles series and her latest release, “Hindsight2020?”, P.K. is also the co-founder of Think Peace International, a platform for peace activists. Certified mediator and anti-racism facilitator, she mentors artists and activists globally, driven by her revolutionary Christian faith and love for her global family.”

It has been said that “Everybody Knows PK” and I’m honored, but it is our combined efforts that make a difference. As a board member, I’m inspired to address the hard conversations with those I respect and trust, the trademarks of my life. Let’s work together.
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