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It is Election time again for the Pacifica Foundation and Delegates for its five Local Station Boards. Please refer to the election timeline for a summary of important dates.


Sep 20 Deadline to post Notice of Vote on station websites and send Notice via email

Sep 24 Nomination Period opens

October 1-7 Local Stations run PSAs to notify listeners of election (3x/day x 7 consecutive days)

Oct 20th Record date to qualify to vote or run in the election. Extended by the Pacifica National Board from Oct 1st.

Wed, Oct 27 Nomination Period closes (candidates assessed upon receipt of application) . Extended by the NES from Oct 24th.

Nov. 26 – Preliminary candidate applications will be posted publicly.

Nov. 30   All candidates will be notified by their respective local election supervisor that their candidacies are either validated or invalidated.  If invalidated, the specific reason or reasons should be given for their disqualification.

December 5 to December 10 Any disqualified candidate shall have 5 days, until midnight December 5, 2018 to make their substantive appeal to their disqualification by making their case to the NES, copying the appropriate LES and Ford Greene for a 2018 election file.  The NES will make a ruling by December 10, 2018 and inform the candidate, the appropriate LES with a copy of their final ruling to Ford Greene for a 2018 election file.


December 11 The Ballots will be sent to the printer/mail house by midnight December 11, 2018.  A physical ballot will be sent to every listener whose email we DO NOT have.

Beginning on December 11, 2018 and going through January 20th the election period appropriate carts of a minimum of 30 seconds shall be put on every station 8 times a day at minimum.

Beginning December 11, 2018  A 30 second minimum candidate statement shall be played for each candidate 4 times between December 11 and January 20, 2019.

January 24, 2019  Voting shall end January 24, 1019 for stations that reach quorum.

February 5, 2019  If quorum is reached everywhere Ballots shall be counted and the election certified by February 5, 2019.

February 21, 2019  If any station fails to reach quorum, the election shall remain open until Feb. 21

March 10, 2019  If the extended voting is required to reach quorum, Ballots shall be counted and the election certified by March 10, 2019.

So, what do you think ?