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There were roughly 20 questions presented to the candidates by listeners over the last 2 weeks. Many of the questions were answered on-air during the forums, but not every candidate had the chance to respond to all questions.

Everyone has since been given the opportunity to answer any or all questions brought forth by listeners. These questions were COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, but it is an extra way to see what the candidates have to say!

Here are the responses. Click on the link beside the candidate’s name to see their response. If the name has no link, there were no answers submitted.

Ira Aghai
Dean Torres
Ted Weisgal – Ted’s Responses
Susan Radwan
Larry Snellings
Don Cook – Don’s Responses
Anisa Faruqi
Teresa J. Allen
Susie Moreno
Bill Crosier
Kevin White
Gerard (Jerry) Lynch
Randall S. Tousley
Deborah Shafto


Thank you,

Natalie Ortiz
KPFT Local Election Supervisor

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