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Please be advised that the candidate nomination period has been extended to Sunday, July 26, 2015 at 8:00 PM local station time.

The decision to extend the candidate nomination period was made in coordination with the Local Election Supervisors at each station and the extension time frame is based on the deadlines for printing and mailing the election ballots.


Why are we extending the candidate nomination period?
After conferring with the Local Election Supervisors it was determined to extend the candidate nomination deadline to allow for more candidates to participate in the process.
Will the voter date of record also be extended?
No. The voter date of record will remain midnight on Tuesday, July 14, 2015. Extending the voter date of record would also require changing the ballot mailing date and delay the election. This extension will reduce the campaign period but will NOT effect the remaining election dates.

I already submitted my candidate materials, how will this affect my candidacy?
If you have already submitted your materials the extension will allow you extra time to edit your candidate statement and gather more signatures to support your candidacy if needed.  To ensure fairness, all qualified candidates will be announced at the same time after the extension deadline.

When will we be notified of the official list of candidates?
The Local Election Supervisors (LES) will be validating the materials of each of the candidates and submitting a final list to the National Election Supervisor (NES). The NES will review, approve and make public a complete list of qualified candidates on Saturday, August 1, 2015. The list will be posted on the elections website and each LES will post a final list of candidates at each station.

When will the candidate statements be updated online?
Statements from prospective candidates will be posted on the elections website in the order in which they are received, however please keep in mind that as we approach deadlines there will be a large number of submissions which may increase the time frame in which they are posted.

At the candidate nomination deadline, all prospective candidate statements will be removed from public view and reviewed to validate the candidacy of the prospective candidate and review the statement for Fair Campaign Violations. Final candidate statements will be added to the elections website when the final list of candidates are made public on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.

When can I schedule the recording of my cart and when will the on-air forums begin?
The Local Election Supervisors will communicate the process and dates for recording candidate carts and on-air forums immediately after the qualified candidates have been made public.

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