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My name is Tim Lynch. I am a member of the music department, where I cohost Dead To The World, and sit-in on other programs. I have been a music programmer since 2000, though I began volunteering at the station in the mid-1990s. I have been a member of the Unpaid Staff Organization Council for several years now. I have worked in the non-profit sector for over 20 years, have been on the Executive Board of the Mark Vann Foundation (which I helped to cofound) since 2002, and have served as the General Manager of KTUH-FM in Honolulu. I began my career in broadcasting in the 1980s, and have worked both in radio and television. With this experience, I hope to represent staff interests on the KPFA Local Station Board. I believe the Board needs to focus on the two primary purposes of any non-profit board: fund-raising and governance. There is a huge difference between governance (policy making) and the day to day operations of the station (management), one that too many board members seem to conflate. I will resist those who see the Board as an avenue to try to make programming, personnel, and other management decisions, as well as those that attempt to sow division between the paid and unpaid staff. My focus will be on how to make sure KPFA remains a viable and sustainable radio station, one that represents the diverse needs of communities throughout northern and central California. KPFA must be a radio station that grows to embrace new technologies to expand the station’s audience, reach, and influence. I hope you will allow me to try to help the Board steer a course to achieve these goals.

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