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Barbara Whipperman, Listener Candidate for the KPFA LSB, currently serving as KPFA/LSB Treasurer.  A listener since 1955, active supporter answering phones during fund drives, I marvel at how long KPFA supporters have kept it alive, even through difficult times.

We’ve recently recovered some stability with new management.  Turmoil is lessening, hopefully to be replaced by more cooperative efforts.

We still have dissatisfaction among some staff and volunteers —  and a situation I have seen in other “do-gooder” work places.  Those of us working hard to fend off or change a corrupt or damaging society must develop good battle skills.  But then some people continue to practice their battle skills inside the do-good organization, against those who actually are their comrades.

I’d like to find a way for all KPFA lover/activists to adopt the motto “no battle skills in the house”.

Off-air fundraising has been difficult for the LSB to accomplish.  But I think with our new leadership, and if we can quiet interior battles, we should be able to develop some of the fundraising ideas that we, as a group, have talked about but not yet acted on.

Please vote for candidates endorsed by SaveKPFA.  www.savekpfa.org

So, what do you think ?