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I’m Leland Thompson, born and raised in Oakland, CA. I have been a KPFA listener for the past 15 years. KPFA has been my resource for local programming, national and international news and music. My background is in management development and leadership coaching. I have spent over 25 years in retail and the technology industry training and developing teams. I also assist organizations through change initiatives and sustainability programs.

I am in support and endorse the views of the other candidates for SaveKPFA. www.savekpfa. When you vote for me, please vote for the other SaveKPFA candidates. The goal of SaveKPFA is not only to save KFPA but, to ensure that KPFA is thriving and continues to bring quality programing to the community of both current and future listeners.

My goal is to support and be part of a team in its efforts to bring about positive change, increase the listening audience, and more (diversity) inclusion in the programming offered. My fear as a listener is that we could lose a valuable treasure and the important news and messages it delivers. It’s very important to me that KPFA remain an integral part of the community’s fabric.

As with any organization experiencing change there is tremendous opportunity to assist KPFA’s leadership in shaping a broader strategic plan to grow the listener base, increase staff development, broaden the volunteer base and begin to tap into a new generation of listeners, while at the same time intensifying the fundraising initiatives.
To accomplish this it will take a team of committed board members from all walks of life with a focus on “what is in it for the listeners? Asking ourselves if we are improving as an organization? Are we measuring our progress to the plan and the mission of KPFA?
It’s every board members responsibility to continuously look at ways to reach a more inclusive, broader community.

I have always been able to look to KPFA to address issues that affect my community and to provide me with an in-depth look into the causes and effects of those issues.
It would be a tremendous loss to the community to not have a financially stable KPFA. There is an opportunity to maximize the use of technology in reaching a new and broader audience. Through podcasting, YouTube, and other forms of social media there is virtually no limit to the number of possible listeners that can be informed by the progressive and informative programing of KPFA. The focused use of social media has allowed the smallest of organizations to reach an audience that may have been unreachable in the past. It will also allow the station to raise more money.

So, what do you think ?