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Margy Wilkinson, listener since 1960, member of the KPFA/LSB since 2011, and member of the Pacifica National Board since 2013; from July 2014, to May 2015, I voluntarily served as Pacifica’s interim executive director.

KPFA is a vital, irreplaceable resource for the left and progressive community locally, nationally and worldwide. While Pacifica has been through rough times recently, I believe we are finally moving in the right direction.

At KPFA we have a permanent general manager and program director for the first time in many years. We need to expand our listenership by reaching out to a younger and more diverse audience, develop programming that makes both of these things possible, and raise money without wearing out the patience of our listeners,.

I support good radio prepared, produced and aired by well trained staff – paid and volunteer. The role of the LSB is to support our staff, raise money and look for ways to reach new audiences.

I also heartily endorse the cross-factional Pacifica Unity Pledge, and commit to working on a consensus-building process to make our boards simpler, smaller, calmer, and more effective.
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Additional thoughts:

KPFA’s current general manager and program director are moving in the right direction, by creating better sounding radio and more diverse methods of distribution. I know that bringing on new programs is very difficult – but so far the current leaders at KPFA have made positive changes.

I am concerned that KPFA’s membership has been declining. There are several causes. One is that we are not reaching enough new listeners. Another is that long- time listeners grew weary of board conflicts (which is now in the past). In addition many long time listeners are worn out by the frequency and length of on-air fund drives. The redesign of KPFA’s website is an important step in bringing the station’s presence on the Internet to younger audiences. The creation of podcasts of our most popular programming for on-demand listening will also improve our outreach to new audiences around the globe.

Having served on the Pacifica National Board for the past 2.5 years and having worked in the Pacifica National Office serving as Interim Executive Director, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my service on the LSB. I love KPFA (and all of Pacifica) and am eager to find ways to improve our work – including taking on the responsibility of fund raising as a board member.

Fund raising has to go on in many forms. As our financial record keeping improves, we need to look for grants and one time funding to cover special stories. We need to reach out to a more diverse and younger listenership and find out how we can make our programming more relevant to them.

So, what do you think ?