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My name is William Campisi Jr.   Since the early 70’s I have been a- KPFA member, listener and supporter. I am running to become a Board member because I believe that, working cooperatively with others on the Board, I can help KPFA to continue  its important work giving a voice to unheard points of view and  unheard individuals in our community and society.  In my youth I was a restaurant worker, a union house painter and a carpenter,   For the last 30 years I have been an attorney who specializes in representing medical malpractice victims.   I view myself as an advocate for the provision of safe and high quality medical care for patients.    Litigating on behalf of individuals against large and powerful medical corporate entities requires a tremendous amount of consistent effort and patience.   It’s a complex activity.  I think my years doing this work will help me to work productively, patiently and cooperatively with other Board members and staff at KPFA.

My general view is that the Board must work as cooperatively as possible to help the professional staff and volunteers at KPFA do the daily work of running the station.  Infighting on the Board involving the hiring of attorneys at great expense must be avoided at all costs.  It’s a huge waste of resources and energy and it diverts the station from its goals of providing the information that we all need so desperately to hear.

I think that both types of staff – paid staff and volunteers – are critically important for KPFA to function well.  I do not believe that KPFA can be managed and run well entirely by volunteer staff.   On the other hand, KPFA needs and must have dedicated volunteers.  That is the point of view that I will bring to the Board if I am elected and my decisions as a Board member will be guided by that belief.

My view regarding programming issues is that, with respect to whether to air one program or another, such  decisions should be left to the staff, both paid and volunteer ,in conjunction with feedback from the listeners.   The Board should not have a role in such decisions. My view is that we need to listen to our listeners and be willing to learn from them about what programs and voices they find interesting and compelling.   We do need to reach out to our youth who  are getting their news and information from social media.   I am certainly no expert in that, but I think that KPFA has to consider how it can reach that audience using  podcasts and other similar methods.

I am a member of  the SaveKPFA slate.  I think our slate has a good viewpoint as how to achieve what all of us want – a vibrant, important and powerful voice in the community for economic,  social and environmental  justice and for peace.  Thanks for reading.

So, what do you think ?