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My name is Jerry Van, long time listener and sponsor of this station, with phone room experience, and on request from front desk, I have given out business cards.

Hollywood’s Something’s Happening Show, with listening to Roy’s program over the years, he has given listeners and us, in phone room a valuable history lesson of the Pacifica Stations Archives, and our many problems. The biggest is getting and retaining “listener sponsors!” .

As a long time Hawker. In 1974 I sold fruit on the Venice Boardwalk. In that business a good peach is the hook! “The visual and formulary”, of station logo is that if we can make it this way we can represent the station to its full potential.

I have been going to board meetings and station functions, I see need for leadership, I was invited to Grace Arron’s apartment to meet on air talent, that supported us.

Summer Rees, made it very plain to me, we were to support the promotion of the station, with Bill Boards, bus benches, and simplest of station logos on business cards.

Selling and promoting Old Radio is a challenge I am prepared for. Listening to the views of others, with no intent.

The idea I have is to be able to download calendar of station events, with a tree of Peace for logo, what is wrong with “Peace, Love, and understanding? The station logo poster with Jigonsasee tree of peace, (Incense Cedar) one of the most prized and valuable tree at Arlington West with Veterans for Peace, on one side of the board walk we have set aside for many forms. Blaze Bonpane has spoken there many times, we are there every Sunday please come and check us out.

Thank you,
Sincerely, Jerry

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