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Hello voter, my name is Ken Aaron.

Vote for me to return to the KPFK LSB and I’ll continue to work for the improvement and advancement of the station, to ensure that KPFK continues to provide radio you enjoy listening to and information you need to know.

My political position is simple, the furtherance of the Pacifica Mission and the expansion of its audience. KPFK has to do more than just stand still. It has to move into the future, improve its technology and increase the numbers and scope of its audience.

We need to service the 99% of radio audience who are currently NOT listening to any of our programs. We can’t please everyone and would never want to. Being content with less than 1 percent of the public is not viable. Quality has to be improved. Distribution has to be increased. That calls for talent and technology. A good start has been established by the computer staff, by providing an internet presence, on line programs, and access to tablets and smart phones. This technology has to be supported and expanded. The model of integrating internet with broadcast has been successful for other public radio stations and can also work for Pacifica.

Business operations at the station are 10 years out of date. The accounting, personnel and membership management systems are cumbersome and inadequate. This leads to various cascading difficulties, including lost grant income and bad financial management.

I spent 4 years on the KPFK local board and 2 years on the national board, working to keep KPFK and Pacifica financially viable, legally sound and operationally stable. I’m ready right now to put in the time to keep the ship afloat and sailing into the hard high seas of tomorrow. I want the Pacifica Mission to be fulfilled but more than that I want it be be brightened up and promoted to an expanded audience, ten times the current listenership. How do we get this done? Talent, dedication, and technology, with a Diversity of Participation and Contemporary Relevance.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Systems Analysis, Computer Application Development, so I come from a technical background. I’m President of the Social Uplift Foundation (check it out at www.SocialUplift.org), former President of the Visual Artists Guild (mostly working on Freedom of Expression and Civil Liberties), Board Member of Protect California Ballots, on the Advisory Board of the South-Eastern European Film Festival, former President of the Westside Chapter of the ACLU, husband and father of two. In Pacifica I’ve been on the KPFK LSB, the National Board, and various committees including Finance Committee, Personnel Committees, and I established and chaired the Financial Audit and Recovery Task Force.

I’m asking for your vote and support. Get your friends to vote, too. We have to make the 10% quorum. And support my allies who are also running. You can get all that and more details at CandidateSlate.org

Thanks for your time, and keep on listening.

Optional Questions (push the plus sign to see the answers)

In what ways are the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
These activities should be supported, promoted and expanded:

The Pacifica Affiliate Network: providing Pacifica content to over 150 radio stations around the world.

The Pacifica Archives: A priceless collection of historic music and audio recordings from all the five stations. Currently used as a syllabus in schools and supported by grants.

Inter-station program distribution: Several programs are regularly broadcast at sister stations such as Background Briefing, Letters and Politics and Uprising.

On-line Access from computers, tablets and smart phones: There is an “app” that can be used to listen an any of the five stations. It’s “Pacifica Radio” and works on android and Apple devices. This should be boosted and promoted.

Online Programs: KPFK has broadcast programs on the internet like “Dog Noir” and “Bike Talk.” This provides an open ended opportunity to test and run programs. The air time is UNLIMITED. On line listenership can easily exceed over the air listenership.

Audio Archives: Used by a vast number of people to download or listen “On Demand.”

In what ways are the station moving in a negative direction, that you would want to stop or change? What changes would you work for?
KPFK is negligent in the following areas:

Not training enough interns

Not producing enough live music or radio drama programs.

Terrible lack of reporting on finances, staff and volunteer records, and membership management.

Does not have any program to acquire large donations such as annuities.

Does not monitor the stations ownership of work product by paid employees.

Does not provide any coverage of local news other than hard political news. This excludes art and music shows which are not news oriented.

What key experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the Local Station Board to advance the station’s mission?
Previous Pacifica Board Member.

Computer Industry Systems Analyst

Member/Officer in various local civil liberties organizations: ACLU, SEEFest, Visual Artists Guild, Protect California Ballots and The Social Uplift Foundation.

Travel overseas to Asia and Europe.

What ideas do you have for helping the station and the Pacifica Foundation meet the financial challenges currently being faced?
Higher a professional fund raiser.
Rent the studios.
Better utilization of side-band sales.
Improve programming quality.
Create inter-program links (shared hosts, teaser announcements.)
Generate new programming to reach a larger audience.
Work cooperatively with other non-profits to increase listenership.

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