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I’m Michael Novick, running with Grassroots Community Radio Coalition to help KPFK live up to its potential, attract listeners and overcome financial difficulties. I want us to thrive as a tool for overcoming racism, economic deprivation, repression and environmental devastation, by opening up to creative voices of community activists and cultural workers. KPFK can deal with its crisis by responding to the economic, political, social and environmental crisis we’re all facing. By grappling with causes and solutions for war, poverty, environmental degradation, ill health, racism, sexism, and exploitation, KPFK will regain relevance and listeners.

KPFK is a resource for social transformation and cultural expression, but it’s threatened by irrelevance to a new generation of communities struggling for a better world. I’ll work for open dialogue, investigation and problem solving, with listeners, management, and staff, to guarantee the survival of this bastion of multi-lingual free speech.

We can grow by reflecting and projecting the efforts of ordinary people to live meaningful lives free from fear and exploitation. Community requires ending oppressive hierarchies and resisting corporate domination. By airing creative expressions of communities in struggle, KPFK can put backbiting, careerism, and infighting behind us and focus on community needs and concerns that will attract and galvanize listeners facing survival issues.

Before being elected to the LSB (which I’ve served as Chair and Treasurer) I was elected at a town hall to a news director search committee, and was an elected listener member and chair of KPFK’s interim Program Council. The LSB should meet in communities throughout our listening area, as we did on the iPC. We should stop endlessly peddling premiums and broaden the base of givers by engaging with diverse communities, labor, churches, and schools. We need transparency and accountability on where the money goes.

I’m in Anti-Racist Action, part of a non-sectarian direct action anti-fascist network, and White People for Racial Justice, allied to Black Lives Matter LA. I taught adult education at LAUSD. Like my parents, who met on a picket line when my mother was fired for joining a union, I was a rank-and-file shop steward (in United Teachers LA). I helped convene the Occupy LA Labor Solidarity Committee. I’m a published author, editor of “Turning the Tide,” and part of the production crew of “Change-Links” progressive news and community calendar. I’m a non-sectarian, independent activist committed to anti-authoritarian, anti-imperialist political principles and to building multi-ethnic and international solidarity and mutual aid based on respect for self-determination.

I’ve been in coalitions against racism, repression, war, police abuse and other crimes of empire, in solidarity with African, Mexicano, Indigenous, Asian, LGBTQ, disabled, migrant and other communities. I helped create the KPFK Development Task Force to raise funds off-air, and was the author of LSB motions for strategic planning and for the Board to raise funds. As an individual, I support the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition and urge you to vote for all on the slate (search for gcrc-socal). Contact me: antiracistaction_la [AT] yahoo [DOT] com or 323-636-7388.


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In what ways are the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
I support the efforts to hold more community events, and to provide training to community people in producing interesting vital radio and coverage of breaking news stories. I have been involved in efforts to increase off-air fundraising and thus reduce the time spent in on-air fund drives and pitching. I support Spanish language programming, and other community oriented programming that addresses community needs. I support recent efforts to restore locally-produced news and to train community-based ‘stringers’ who can file stories about significant local news affecting their community.

In what ways are the station moving in a negative direction, that you would want to stop or change? What changes would you work for?
KPFK and Pacifica have drifted away from their original mission and failed to renew its spirit under the much different conditions of the 21st Century. I would work to restore the station’s commitment to peace rather than support for ‘humanitarian’ war and intervention, and its engagement with local communities through remote broadcasting, training and apprenticeship opportunities for young community activists, and greater use of social media, integrating the “many-to-many” ethos in both programming over the air, and the use of the Internet to provide opportunities for feedback, dialogue and creative expression by listeners and the larger community. I would work to reduce the amount of time spent on fruitless on-air pitching for products and nostrums during ever-longer fund drives, and instead develop training for programmers to fund-raise successfully based on their shows’ unique and invaluable content.

What key experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the Local Station Board to advance the station’s mission?
I have a long history of involvement in labor, community, anti-war and anti-racist coalitions and in building practical, non-sectarian unity to overcome divisions and solve problems. I have been effective as a chair of the Local Station Board, the interim Program Council, and the KPFK delegates assembly, and as a member of several committees of the Pacifica National Board, including Programming, Elections and Finance. I have edited and published a community newspaper for 28 years, and for the last year and a half have also been a key staff member for Change-Links, the progressive news & community calendar. I have extensive experience with social media.

What ideas do you have for helping the station and the Pacifica Foundation meet the financial challenges currently being faced?
I authored a motion to have the Local Station Board develop a plan and training for its own fundraising efforts for KPFK. I won board and management approval for a Development Task Force to carry out various forms of off-air fundraising, including grant-writing, directed giving and legacy donations. I believe the station can do much better with community events, collaborating with sister station KPFA in the Bay Area to bring major speakers, perhaps through debates around pressing social issues such as school privatization and standardized testing, solutions for abusive policing, or water policy — KPFK and Pacifica should be making news and creating buzz by covering community solutions. This would attract new listeners and broaden our base of support.

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