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I am Alise Sochaczewski and it would be an honor to serve as your representative on the KPFK LSB. I am a proud member of the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition (gcrc-socal.org) since its inception and have supported this station on its Outreach Committee for many years. As a psychotherapist for Kaiser Permanente I defend the rights of labor in my role as union steward, and I participate in a weekly Peace Vigil in Echo Park.

As a member of the LSB I will support the expansion of our news department, including remote broadcasts and live news events, to provide “comprehensive news on all matters vitally affecting the community”. I will work to promote increased openness and communication among governance, management, and front-line staff, as well as with listeners in on-air forums, town hall meetings, and improved online formats. I will promote developing a strong volunteer support and development program for student interns and local listeners from all of our diverse communities to bring fresh ideas and new momentum to the station on all levels. I will work to ensure accountability from the board to bring in needed funds to support mission driven budgeting that adheres to sound accounting practices.

So, what do you think ?