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My name is Brenda Medina and I am running with Grassroots Community Radio Coalition. I have served on the KPFK Local Station Board for the last 5 years and ask for you vote to complete my 6-year term in this election.

On the board, I have served as vice chair for the LSB and have been a Pacifica National Board Director for 2 of my 5 years on the board. I also have served on various committees locally and nationally to help our radio network in various ways.

Like many of the other candidates, I love Pacifica and how it continues to be the voice of the voiceless. We have a lot of work ahead of us for this organization to continue. There have been quite a number of set backs in the recent years that has led Pacifica to take a nose dive but we have stood together and continue to move ahead. We are living in important times for many movements so I know Pacifica needs to be the outlet for many of these different issues affecting the community.

Support the candidates of Grassroots Radio Coalition of Southern California to push KPFK forward.

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