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My name is Fred Blair; I am running for re-election as Listener Member of the KPFK 2015 Local Station Board (LSB). I have served on a number of important board committees at both the local and national levels within Pacifica governance. I have experience and important contributions to make to a new LSB and this radio media organization during this time of its crisis.

I am a Computer Technologist and Electronics Engineer by profession, and have attempted to use my skills and knowledge to help KPFK and Pacifica. You can find out more about me, and the slate of people I am running with at: www.CandidateSlate.org

I am running with Candidate Slate, and support the election of the following people: Grace and Ken Aaron, and Jan Goodman. It is important they are elected first because of their experience and past leadership within Pacifica. We need to get as many good people elected to the LSB as possible.

I have served as a member of the KPFK Finance Committee since I’ve been on the LSB as well a member and Chair of the Pacifica Audit Committee for the last four years. I see oversight of finances as being a key function of Pacifica governance, especially now given the financial crisis that both KPFK and the Pacifica Network find themselves in. I know what is going on inside Pacifica, and feel this knowledge needs to be passed on to the new incoming board members.

I believe I can contribute to the solutions of Pacifica’s problems given my experience, and will strive for better financial management and transparency if elected.

Pacifica has growing, significant debt and is in deep financial trouble, with Boards that are not doing much about it.
On a Governance Board, individual members are not important in and of themselves; all actions by boards require a voting majority to make something happen. Therefore, it is of upmost importance, that you the listeners elect good people to KPFK to fix the current Crisis.

The reason I have not had more effect on Pacifica’s financial problems is because of the following situation; I have been a member of both the majority and minority factions on the KPFK LSB over the last 5 years. The reason why this is the case, is because when I started out on the Board, my faction had a three vote majority. But I have seen good people on our Board driven away and quit because of the dysfunctional politics and behavior by a group of people on our board. This resulted in my group losing members and becoming a minority with only seven or eight voting members for the last two years. A minority voting faction is not able to pass any motions or effect governance or finances — that’s just the way things work on boards.

This is why I have been powerless to prevent bad stuff from happening. Your votes in this election are important in order to change and improve the people in governance of Pacifica.

So, what do you think ?