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I have listened to KPFK and answered the phones during its fund drives for over thirteen years. Phone-answering is very rewarding because I can both help KPFK and talk to the listeners simultaneously.

I am running for a seat on the Local Station Board because I would like to further help the listeners, the Pacfiica Mission Statement, and KPFK/Pacifica in that order.

If elected, I would constantly try to not let my personal levels of agreement or admiration obstruct my respect for all the other diverse opinions, people and issues that rightly exist in Pacifica and KPFK. Strength derives from diversity.

Although the Local Station Board can be a conflict-filled and contentious body, I think that is a good thing. My hope and desire is that there would be enough respect between all participants to allow for understanding if not agreement and the compromise and/or acceptance that can allow progress to occur. I believe conflict can be more peaceful -if not tranquil.

Because I believe that elections are won and lost before election day, and democracy is won and lost afterward, if elected to the board, I would focus on listeners involvement in station matters – to maximize the level of democracy that can exist in this place.

Than you for your consideration.

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