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As a life-long activist I’ve worked for peace, social and racial justice, media reform and a healthful and livable planet where our food is chemical and pesticide free, our energy comes from 100% safe, renewable sources and all nuclear reactors are shut.

I’m aware of the pivotal role KPFK plays in achieving our collective goals. That’s why I’m asking KPFK listeners to entrust me with the responsibility of serving on the local station board.

For more information about me, additional endorsers and other LSB candidates who I’m supporting and who support me (and who I hope you vote for) go to CANDIDATESLATE.ORG– a group of competent individuals endorsed by such people as Lila Garrett and Harvey Wasserman. We believe on-air fundraising can only be reduced when we increase KPFK’s listenership by providing an anti-war / pro-economic justice perspective often missing from NPR; creating high quality, diverse programs, including cultural, local, national, international, musical, gender bending and intellectually diverse programs and having a management structure which supports that diversity and creativity.

I’m semi-retired. During my life I’ve been a school teacher, Director of Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping (in Santa Fe, NM), health food co-op manager, paralegal and bookkeeper.

I was also a paid staff organizer for the Pacifica Campaign, under the leadership of Democracy Now’s Co-host, Juan Gonzalez.

I maintain a YouTube video channel, YouTube.com/MylaReson, presenting significant political speakers and events that I record, edit and produce featuring Robert Scheer, Maxine Waters, Betty Yee, Alan Grayson and Bernie Sanders as well as resources for shutting down nuclear power plants .

I was born and have my roots in Los Angeles and began listening to KPFK while in high school – drawn in by the superb music programming. While still a teenager I volunteered in campaigns to preserve California fair housing statutes, became active in local civil rights work – went on to UCLA where I joined Los Angeles free speech campaigners and the UCLA sister chapter of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee.
I took a break from school in the Fall of 1965 to live in Delano, California and volunteer with the United Farm Workers in the early days of the UFW Grape Strike.

Other Volunteer work:

I’ve been volunteering off and on for KPFK for over thirty years – going back to the 1984 Winterfare and numerous fund-drives. I’ve also worked as a volunteer producer for riKu Matsuda and other programmers.

Ballona Wetlands restroration and preservation with the Ballona Institute

Coalition of organizations and activists that successfully shut San Onofre.
Coalition of organizations and activists working to shut PG&E’s deadly Diablo Canyon nuke plant

Volunteer administrator for Coalition Against Nukes Facebook page
Food Not Bombs
Occupy Venice
Occupy LA
Code Pink

So, what do you think ?