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Greetings! I am Rose Mary Elizondo, a loyal listener sponsor for the past 12 years. I began participating in different KPFK activities almost from the start since learning of KPFK’s existence.

Due to the current critical moment we are in as a nation and as a network, I have decided to run for a spot on the KPFK Local Station Board. We are in a historical moment where not only our future as individuals but our future as a human race is in the balance. With issues such as Climate Change, endless continuing wars, the drive by Corporations to control our very lives, it is urgent that Pacifica and KPFK, be reinstated to a strong financial status. We cannot afford to lose KPFK as the only independent voice on the Radio Airwaves in Southern California.

Because Pacifica was founded to serve as an educational oasis for the Public I see it as the Voice of Reason. It serves a fundamental role in informing the community on all kinds of matters which affect us and are simply not heard on the Corporate Media. It truly is a University of the Airwaves. We must assure that KPFK be able to continue fulfilling the Pacifica Mission.

I see a need for Candidates for the LSB that are truly committed to the station, to the Pacifica Mission and the Pacifica Network. We need individuals that are willing to be actively engaged to participate in not only the LSB meetings but also fulfill the duties as described in the Pacifica Bylaws, Article 7. These involve participating in committees whose many functions need full engagement by the LSB members on those committees. It is a time consuming responsibility that should not be taken lightly, much less forsaken.

I currently serve on the Outreach Committee and have done so the past few years. As a member of the Outreach Committee I help plan and host different activities. One of these is Movie Night which we hold several times a year. The movies we screen are always educational and related to current events. One example is the movie Bitter Seeds which explained in detail the effects that GMO seeds have had upon the lives (and deaths) of farmers from India.

The Outreach Committee also plans and hosts at least one community picnic a year. We are hoping to expand these and other activities to new communities as time goes on. The Outreach Committee serves a very special function within our communities.

Besides the Outreach Committee I helped represent KPFK in the Martin Luther King parade this past January. I also support many other Community groups by participating in their activities. I am currently an active member of the Greater Pasadena Affordable Housing Group.

As a member of the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition, I respectfully ask for your vote and for your support of other Grassroots candidates so we can move KPFK forward.

Optional Questions (push the plus sign to see the answers)

In what ways are the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
KPFK now has a new permanent General Manager, Leslie Radford. She has the skill sets to move the station forward. She is a Professor of Communication and Media Studies. She also has past experience on the KPFK LSB which is a plus because she understands the relationship between the LSB and the function of the General Manager. This provides a solid foundation for a strong and collaborative team for the benefit of restoring KPFK to where it needs to be.

In what ways are the station moving in a negative direction, that you would want to stop or change? What changes would you work for?
The station had been going in a negative direction in one sense because it has lost many listeners and many financial supporters. This is due in part to the long and too frequently held fund drives. Ideas need to be advanced for bringing in revenue in more varied manners. We as listeners need to continue to support the station but also to help grow the listening audience and to encourage EVERYONE to support the station financially as well. KPFK is too important as our collective voice to risk losing.

What key experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the Local Station Board to advance the station's mission?
As a member of the Spanish speaking community I bring my personal experience and understanding of the issues faced by my community. Having been a student in schools that all had students of many ethnicities, I formed friendships with people of many, many cultures and ethnicities. I also bring strong personal skills for conflict resolution and as a peacemaker in difficult situations. I consider myself an advocate for social and economic justice.

What ideas do you have for helping the station and the Pacifica Foundation meet the financial challenges currently being faced?
I would like KPFK to take advantage of some of our own Programmers musical skills and collections to conduct Fundraising events where members can dance to their favorite music and co-mingle with other KPFK listeners and friends in a party atmosphere. Imagine an afternoon dancing and listening to Bill Gardener’s Rhapsody in Black or Mark Torres’ Travel Tips for Aztlan.

So, what do you think ?