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To the listeners at ( KPFK ),  my name is Van Mizell and  I am running as a candidate in the 2015 Local Station Board election . I’m running on the slate of the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition. I would like to be a part of making improvements that lead to a vibrant KPFK.

The first thing I would like to do, and I am sure most people will agree, is to eliminate so many fundraisers. Too many fundraisers mean too many lost listeners, and a loss of ability to add fresh new listeners. The moral goes down and everyone shifts to KPPC or other stations, and there is little likelihood of getting them back.

The second thing is to hire a full time accountant. Without an accounting for expenses and incomes, no one knows where we stand and we cannot output a budget, and the Finance Committee cannot function. That’s what has happened to us and we have lost two years of understanding.

The third thing is for KPFK to get more involved with the community. I think that to be involved in things such as immigration, police brutality, racism and the prison industrial complex in the city, and to know why there are differences within the city, is a crucial step to know in the search for possible solutions.

The fourth thing is to emphasize some volunteer programmers and increase the number of interns. We should reach out to colleges and universities thereby broadening our knowledge, and thereby expanding our understanding of our community. I believe that we have at KPFK some very good programmers who sacrifice pay and still do a very great job.

I believe that KPFK should be seeking peace in the world. But to make a world that is peaceful you have to put yourself at risk. The KPFK that drew my attention and many others, attention is a KPFK that took those risks. For more information on me Van Mizell and fellow Grassroots Community Radio Coalition candidates log on to www.gcrc-socal.org

So, what do you think ?