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The following are the KPFK Listener-Sponsor candidate promos as heard daily on the air!

Time-frames: Morning Drive-Time (6a-11a), Mid-Day (11:01a-5p), Afternoon Drive-Time (5:01p-9p), Late Evening (9:01p-12a) & Overnight (12:01a-5:59a).
Weekdays: There are 10 groups with either 3 or 4 promos in each group.
Weekends: There are 8 groups with either 5 or 4 promos in each group.

There are 37 candidates who submitted promos, so in accordance with the regulation from the PNB no fewer than 13 minutes per day shall be used for candidate promos.

The views expressed are NOT the views of Pacifica, KPFK Management, nor of KPFK staff only of the individual candidate. To browse the candidates and read their statements, please visit the KPFK Listener-Sponsored candidate page.

The Spanish versions are still not available, stay tuned. Candidates are arranged in alphabetical order by first name. To play individually, click the triangle next to the name of the person.

Alise Sochaczewski
Ann Doneen
Aryana Gladney
Barbara Marbach
Bill Eisen
Brenda Medina
Bruce L Caukin
Charles Fredricks
Charles “Chuck” Anderson
Christian Beck
Diana Medina
Douglas Barnett
Fred Blair
Grace Aaron
J. L. Gomez
Jan Goodman
Jaye Cho
Clayton Jeff Jeffries
Jerry Van
John Boehm
John Blyth
John Vollbrecht
Kenneth Aaron
Lawrence Reyes
Leslie Fox
Liberty Lightfoot
Lydia Brazon
Mansoor Sabbagh
Marylin Hebert
Michael Novick
Michael Mora
Michael A. Corral
Myla Reson
Nancy Lawrence
Reza Pour
Richard Macias
Rob Macon
Roberta Eidman
Rolando Salmeron
Ronald Spriestersbach
Rose Mary Elizondo
Sandy Childs
Schyna Pour
Sharon Brown
Stephen Frantz
Steve Kaiser
Thomas Halle
Van Mizell
Will Ryan

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