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My name is José Benavides: I’m a broadcast media professional producer and engineer at KPFK. My past experience ranges from Television production, shooting, editing, producing and directing for networks, including KMXE 830am, NBC, BBC, UNIVISION, TRU TV, ANAHUAC SOUL, among others. I have produced Television shows, reality series, documentaries and my own productions. I also produce Contragolpe with award-winning journalists Rubén Luengas and Encuentros with Gregorio Luke – a badge of honor for KPFK Spanish Language programming.

For KPFK I have produced many successful off-site fundraising events, and I’m eager to continue to create new ways to outreach and help reach the many untapped communities and listeners from all of Southern California who are hungry for fresh new content that is relevant to them.

If you elect me I will work for the following:

  • Stay true to our mission statement
  • Bring quality programming
  • Produce large scale fundraising events
  • Create unity among Staff and boards
  • Help make our station the most listened to Community radio station in the United States and beyond
  • Look into the possibility of acquiring a new signal for Spanish language programming
  • Eliminate nepotism and internal conflicts

I believe KPFK is on the brink of extinction, we lack visionary management and our fundraising model needs to be overhauled. Listener fatigue along with the unwillingness to change with the times leaves us teetering on a cliff and about to plummet. If we are to be relevant to our listeners, we must practice what we preach; we cannot act like we are the progressive voice of Southern California while we destroy ourselves from within. Our audience has many choices in this day and age on the web, we need to re-inspire our listeners with a new image and creative branding to make us the number one listener sponsored radio in the world.

– Producer José Benavides

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