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My name is Steve Pride. As a Staff Representative to the KPFK Listener Station Board for the past two years I’ve had firsthand experience with the problems inherent in this polarized, disorganized, dysfunctional group. It is an experience that I was really looking forward to putting behind me… BUT, based on the feedback I’ve received from a wide range of programmers over the last few days, I am instead running for a second term. Primarily because the voices of the staff, both paid and unpaid, continue to be deliberately ignored by both the listener representatives and more surprisingly by a few of our more factionalized staff representatives. And whether I like it or not, the last two years have left me better equipped personally to fight this battle.

I am a disabled, gay, Native American in my 50’s… so I understand that there are few community treasures greater than KPFK – a radio station that each day gives voice to the marginalized and disenfranchised among us. I also understand that this must be balanced with achieving financial solvency. The station faces several major challenges, but I believe success can be had, if we just stop fighting one another and get back working on the common objective: the perpetuation of the KPFK we all love.

With a degree in Radio from the University of Central Florida, I have been a KPFK volunteer programmer for the past 20 years working on the weekly LGBT radio magazine IMRU. My work as Producer of that show has garnered KPFK five Golden Mike Awards from the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California (RTNA), as well as honors from the LA Press Club.

I’ve served on boards in the past and understand the responsibility involved, both to listeners and the organization, locally and nationally. My nonprofit experience includes: 4 years on the board of directors of the Washington D.C. based NATIONAL LESBIAN AND GAY JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION (NLGJA) where I chaired the national Membership Committee, the Diversity Oversight Task Force and lead the team that created our first Spanish Language LGBT Supplemental AP Style Guide. I also served as President of the NLGJA’s 150 member Los Angeles Chapter for four years. I am currently on the Board of GALECA (the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association) and am Board Chairman for Overnight Productions (which produces the internationally distributed, award winning THIS WAY OUT weekly radio show.)

Steve Pride can be reached at StevePride [AT] IMRURadio [DOT] org.

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