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Our bylaws say the Local Station Board “shall have the duty to … work with station management…” Because I want to work with management, I shared an earlier version of this statement with Duane Bradley, General Manager, Ernesto Aguilar, Program Director, and Robin Lewis, Development Director. Out of respect for them, I am keeping their responses to myself. Having served on the Local Station Board, I’ve learned that NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT THE COOPERATION OF MANAGEMENT.

I’ve done many things for KPFT. Last year, I initiated and then chaired the committee that produced “The KPFT Tennis Fun Fest.” As a result, and with great support from Gordon Quan (“Coming to America”), we raised over $4,000.
Gail Collins, the former editor of the editorial page for the New York Times, wrote As Goes Texas. She says MUCH OF WHAT’S RIGHT AND WRONG IN AMERICA AND THE WORLD STARTS IN HOUSTON. KPFT MUST CONTINUE TO EXPOSE THE POWERS THAT BE.

Right now, I’m serving as convener of the 24-person Anti-Racism and Diversity Committee. Most of the people who belong joined because I recruited them. In the past some people have sought to kill ARDC. For about two years they were successful. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but during that time, listenership and fundraising for KPFT decreased. The bottom line: ARDC needs to help turn this around. KPFT NEEDS MORE LISTENERS AND VOLUNTEERS.

If no one hears it, KPFT doesn’t make a sound. Right now the station does a good job of sharing ideas from and about historically marginalized communities, but THE SIZE OF OUR AUDIENCE IS TOO SMALL.

KPFT is vitally important. I have a deep fear that KPFT is going to die. Recently Pacifica received a gift of over $150,000. Other donations have followed. Soon we will again be broadcasting at 100,000 watts. We can’t squander this opportunity to serve the greater Gulf Coast. As a board member, I am going to continue to work to expand the number of committee members and volunteers. WE MUST GROW KPFT.

Over the years, I’VE BECOME SKILLED IN ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER. I served as the Parliamentarian for the Pacifica National Board in 2001-2. No one else has served as long. I know how to lead committee meetings, and I know what’s involved in both running and participating in LSB meetings.

For my passion, skills, accessibility, and for a strong KPFT, I REQUEST YOUR FIRST PLACE VOTE. To contact me, I can be reached at ted@llu.com or 281-546-6793.

Optional Questions

In what ways are the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
Positive: This election! Postponements should never happen again. We are following Pacifica’s Bylaws and holding the first of what I hope will be two Town Hall meetings “devoted to listeners’ views, needs, and concerns.” This one will be on Aug. 8 at 2pm at the SHAPE Community Center on Almeda. Improve: More outreach for listeners, members, and volunteers. That’s why I was honored to be asked to be the convener of the Anti-Racism and Diversity Committee. We need to follow-up on the success of the Ray Hill Roast and Toast and his fundraising efforts to bring more money to the station. The LSB needs to help management more by conducting constructive annual evaluations and provide useful feedback. Collaboration must be improved.

In what ways are the station moving in a negative direction, that you would want to stop or change? What changes would you work for?
Members of the Local Station Board, serving on a volunteer basis, who get elected to the Pacifica National Board, are overwhelmed. Some people advocate reducing the size of these boards. Were this done, I fear it would eviscerate the entire Pacifica Foundation. I don’t want to pull a “Donald Trump” and start naming names but I do believe that with all the money the “right” has, there are agent provocateurs in our midst who have been paid to destroy Pacifica. They:
• Fail to call committee meetings to order when there may be less than a quorum is present even though the rules obligate them to record absences.
• Ignore the annual budget once it is passed, even if there is the need to reassess the situation during the year and to “rescind an action previously taken.” Just this failure has had much to do with the financial difficulty Pacifica is in.
I hope that by exposing this I am taking progressive action that will resonate throughout our Foundation.

What key experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the Local Station Board to advance the station’s mission?
In the bathroom at KPFT there is a sign that says (essentially), I may be a little guy but at least they know me here. That sign was (not) created for me. I have gotten to know lots of good people since coming to Houston in 1973. Former HISD School Board President Juliet Stipeche took my Robert’s Rules of Order class and introduced me to the Student Congress. She also facilitated my meeting Dr. Bertie Simmons, the principal at Furr High School. I have an association with the Greenwatch TV Show (Houston Media Source), Houston Non-Violent Action, and Hermann Park Rotary. I’m assisting the Ft. Bend Employee Federation (AFT/AFL-CIO) as they rewrite their constitution. I am semi-retired. I bring previous membership on the KPFT LSB and now have more time than ever to advance this cause.

What ideas do you have for helping the station and the Pacifica Foundation meet the financial challenges currently being faced?
During fund drives, I call people and get donations. I wish we did that on a regular basis so that we didn’t have to have so many lengthy fund drives. We need to reach out to the community. That’s what I hope ARDC will do. We need to create a team of grant writers and we need to do what Ray Hill just did by getting grant money from the Brown Foundation and the Greater Houston Partnership. I would like us to host events (films, lectures) in our backyard and other places on a regular basis. I think we should also think big: explore restarting and becoming the chief sponsor of the Houston International Festival. Our sister station, KPFK in L.A., started the Renaissance Festival. How they lost it, I don’t know. But if they could do that, we should be able to follow the lead of the Free Press and resurrect I-Fest.

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