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My name is Tony Cox. I am currently the office manager at KPFT Pacifica 90.1 FM, and I also have served as a board member for the last five years. The last time I ran for a seat on the board all those years ago, I gave you a campaign promise that I had no problem delivering on, that promise was to protect the management on KPFT Pacifica radio 90.1 FM. There is one reason why, through it all, I felt that protecting the management of KPFT was a worthy goal. The first reason is was that as the office manager at KPFT, the management lets me help people.

If there is a band, a youngster and his hommies, or a goth girl with her best friends that wants their music played on the air, I can steer them to a show that hopefully, will give them a chance, and because of the open, and inviting manor in which the station management runs the airwaves, most of the time, with the help of a professional staff, I can find one of many shows that will give them a chance.

If a community activist, fighting desperately for the rights of those who can’t speak for themselves, walks into the station with more hope in their hearts than money in their wallets with an event in the next three weeks that they have poured their hearts into, an event that could actually help the world–with the help of a professional staff, I can help them- say yes when the rest of the world cuts them off at the knees.
My program director, when I first started, told me something once that I will never forget. He told me on that rainy Houston day, that being on the air is a rare thing in this world, and he was right— which is why I believe it is so important to keep our management system in place. A staff that has a vested interest in seeing that the community at large can use the station openly, and utterly, a staff that will welcome you, and use the resources community radio gives the city to make sure the station stays a community resource.

If a student, hoping to one day work in radio or TV walks into the station seeking an internship because no one else will help them, whether they are black, white, gay or straight, with the assistance of a dedicated staff, I can help them. We need a management system that understands that KPFT is not about superstars, or corporations, but about the people.

Everyone has their faults, but it’s a rare thing to find good people in this world, and working with the staff members at KPFT, dedicated professionals, who are over worked and under paid, to me, is something worth fighting for. Voting me onto the board will insure that the staff of Kpft is protected, stable, ready and willing to give you the best programing possible. Thank you

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In what ways are the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
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