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Bill Crosier, a reform candidate for KPFT’s Local Station Board (LSB)

I believe strongly in the Pacifica mission, feel it’s critical that we continue to broadcast programming that other stations refuse to let people hear, and know that KPFT is needed even more today than when it first went on the air over 40 years ago.

KPFT has been paying its bills, but Pacifica has growing, significant debt and is in deep financial trouble, with boards at each station, plus the Pacifica National Board, who frankly seem unable or unwilling to do much about it other than talk. This threatens the survival of all Pacifica stations. There have been heroic efforts by some board members to fulfill their fiduciary duties to keep KPFT and Pacifica strong and to fulfill its mission. But unfortunately, other board members don’t understand what their role is, and spend time finding fault and blaming, rather than working together with others at KPFT to solve problems and helping KPFT to grow.

Please go to the Pacifica in Exile web site at pacificainexile.org for some easy-to-read but very informative articles about why Pacifica is in the mess it is today, and even more important, what we can do about it. It will help you understand why this year’s LSB elections are so important.

I’m asking you to support LSB candidates who:
* understand that the LSB needs to take on a leadership role in helping the station
* will work to reform our Bylaws to make our boards more functional
* can work together for constructive solutions to make our mission statement more than just words on paper

We need to stick together and make responsible reforms so all of our stations can not just survive, but grow, and ensure that many more people know about and listen to the voices and music of those shut out by the corporate media. I also support programming changes which can help get more listeners and members but which also help to fulfill the Pacifica mission.

Pacifica has dysfunctional local boards and a national board that’s even worse, wasting huge amounts of time on trivial matters while largely ignoring big problems, and with majorities that suppress responsible Board members who want to address real problems

We need board members who will take the time to understand the root causes of our problems and work to fix them. Some board members do this, but others don’t take the time. Our Boards are filled with nice people with progressive political views, but many of them don’t do their homework, disregard warnings about impending problems, and don’t understand why our finances are in such awful shape. Some do not even help with fundraising and outreach except to help their friends to get elected to their LSB.

Please support reform-minded candidates who understand that LSB members need to be leaders, and that their role is not to just complain, but to work to help KPFT!

Optional Questions

In what ways are the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
Our new transmitter will provide better signal quality and reliability. We have a big group of wonderful, committed volunteers. I want to help improve reliability of our equipment & have more backups for critical items, plus expand digital distribution of our programming via the web.

We have web streaming available at kpft.org, including an alternate HD channel and web stream, and a great online audio archive at http://archive.kpft.org but many listeners don’t know about these nor how to access them. Many more people are listening online than ever before, and we need to make it easier for people to find and listen to programs of interest to them, whenever they want and wherever they are, with their smart phones and computers. Getting more listeners will also help in getting more donations, which in turn will help provide funding for both regular operations and for growth and equipment needs.

In what ways are the station moving in a negative direction, that you would want to stop or change? What changes would you work for?
KPFT’s listenership and membership have decreased, impacting both our finances and ability to fulfill our mission. I want our board to do more to help with outreach to tell more people about the great programs we have. I also hope everyone reading this will tell their friends, often, about their favorite KPFT programs. Board members should make getting more listeners a priority, too. In addition, programs with few listeners and fund drive donations need to be examined to see if it’s time to replace them with programs that will attract a bigger audience, and bring in much-needed revenue, while still being consistent with the Pacifica mission. Our mission means nothing if few people listen to our programs.

Our Local Station Board is very dysfunctional, with much time spent on minor items while ignoring major problems. Our LSB rarely makes it though even half of its agenda at each meeting, ignoring important matters while having long, non-productive discussions about other things.

What key experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the Local Station Board to advance the station's mission?
I’m President of the Houston Peace and Justice Center, a past KPFT LSB member, and past Director on the Pacifica National Board, so I’m very familiar with our governance and how it works and doesn’t work. I was the (volunteer) coordinator for the Southeast Texas Kucinich for President campaign. I’m a long-time KPFT volunteer and have served for many years with other wonderful volunteers on KPFT’s Outreach, Development, Finance/Budget, and Building Committees even while I’ve been off of the board. (All these committees could use more such volunteers, too, like you!)

I’m patient, I’m an engineer, and I value group decision-making. I also know that leadership involves setting an example, and being dedicated to helping others succeed in working towards important goals. Leadership is not telling people what they should do, but rather it’s communicating and motivating and encouraging and helping people, to work together to accomplish things they could never achieve on their own.

What ideas do you have for helping the station and the Pacifica Foundation meet the financial challenges currently being faced?
While some immediate cuts in expenses are needed at some other stations because of large deficits this year and last, we can’t keep cutting and cutting in attempts to balance our budget. We need to get more revenue. ALL board members should help with this, even if it’s just by volunteering for KPFT events and fund drives and helping with outreach to get more listeners and members. I do that, it’s easy, and it’s fun working with other lovers of KPFT. I hope many of you reading this will do the same. I will encourage all board members to actually help and not just give advice for others to carry out.
I’ve worked to help plan and carry out fundraisers such as the recent Ray Hill Roast, and we need more major events like that. We also need more volunteers on our Development Committee to help us get grants and donations from major donors. But we need to fix our messed-up governance because the horror stories are scaring away many donors.

So, what do you think ?