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My name is Kevin White and I’m running for the KPFT Local station board.

The Pacifica Foundation is undergoing dire financial hardship. To survive each station desperately needs to look deeply into its broadcast schedule and begin the difficult process of removing what is not bringing in money and promoting on the air what does. This is the second time I’ve run for the Local Station Board. From experience I know firsthand that board members do not have any power and their time is usually wasted doing busy work of no real value or consequence. They also like to waste weeks of your precious time voting people they don’t like off the board for very petty reasons. Without a crisis such as the one we face now, being on the Local Station Board is a complete waste of everybody’s time.

However, it’s not a waste when the foundation is so close to closing its doors forever. I want to be on the Local Station Board to encourage the board to start spending their time organizing benefits for the station. The Local Station Board should be producing at least four money making projects a year to help buy the station new equipment, provide Thank You Gifts for fund drives, or maybe just take care of the station’s light bill.

We’re near an end game here. The Local Station Board no longer has the option to just waste their time voting on things that will never be implemented. The foundation needs a working Local Station Board. This year we have to make a difference.

Please vote for Kevin White
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