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Listener-Sponsor Candidate Cart Schedule (as heard on-air daily)

There are 14 candidates who submitted candidate carts. Each candidate shall be heard once in each of 5 time slots. No fewer than five (5)  minutes per day shall be used for candidate carts except during fund drives when the minimum shall be three (3) minutes per day.

xxxxxx– Carts have been pulled due to FCP Violation
Also, Larry Snellings’ and Ira Aghai’s carts were mistakenly played once extra in the Weekday Overnight and Weekend Evening time slots(respectively), therefore ALL CARTS will be played once more in each of those time slots.


To listen to all the KPFT candidate carts, please visit http://elections.pacifica.org/wordpress/kpft-listener-sponsored-candidate-carts/

Thank you!

Natalie Ortiz
KPFT Local Election Supervisor

(* = The views expressed by candidates are their own individual views, NOT the views of PACIFICA, KPFT MANAGEMENT and/or KPFT STAFF.)

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