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TO: Lydia Brazon, Interim Executive Director
Bob Lederer, Pacifica National Board, Elections Committee Chair
FROM: L. Joy Williams, National Election Supervisor
DATE: December 4, 2015
RE: Extension of Voting at KPFT

Please be advised that the ballot return deadline has been extended for the Listener and Staff elections at KPFT until 10:59 PM CST on Monday, January 4th, 2016.

As of today, KPFT has yet to reach quorum in the Listener and Staff elections and both the Local Election Supervisor and I believe an extension is necessary.

Additionally, The Local Election Supervisor has made me aware of significant mail delays from the USPS which have been widely reported on in the news in Houston due to the consolidation of mail processing facilities. The Local Election Supervisor believes this has contributed to the delays in voters receiving ballots.

The Local Election Supervisor will record new carts to air at the station with the updated voter deadline and instructions for replacement ballots for eligible voters. We will also begin re-airing previously recorded candidate carts on a schedule to be determined by the Local Election Supervisor.

If an eligible voter has not received a paper ballot in the mail or has misplaced it, ballot replacement requests can be submitted on the elections website at http://elections.pacifica.org/wordpress/ballot-request-form/ or by contacting the Local election Supervisor Natalie Ortiz via email at or by leaving a message at (713) 526-4000 ext. 313 with their full name, mailing address and optional email address.

Paper replacement ballots will be sent via first-class mail and requests must be received before Wednesday, December 23rd to provide ample mailing time. Online voting credential requests will be sent to the provided email address within 1 business day.

Article 4: Section 5 of the Pacifica Bylaws allows an extension of the election by up to four weeks. Extending the election 4 weeks would put the Election Close Date on New Year’s Day, a federal holiday. To avoid the holiday, the election will be extended to the next business day.

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