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Report from the National Election Supervisor
June 1, 2015

Election Website: Beginning this week, I will post a weekly update to the election website on Tuesday’s. This will also be sent to anyone on the election newsletter list. I am currently building out the Candidate Portal for the site which will launch on June 15th when the nomination period begins. Should you see any issues or problems with the site please feel free to email directly and I can address within 24 hours, most times less than that.

Election PSAs/Carts: I have recorded two carts, uploaded them to AudioPort and sent an email to all station general managers and program directors urging them to instruct those necessary to play them. I will post the full scripts of each on the elections website and will periodically upload new carts to continue to promote the elections. I am also recruiting a group of volunteers to assist with language translation while also researching paid options.

In addition to the audio carts I am also exploring additional election promotion options and tools such as creating an election promotion video; creating social media text and images that stations can post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and drafting emails that stations can send to their station email lists.

Local Election Supervisors

  • To date, I have received 9 applications for LES positions (KPFA-2, KPFK-1, KPFT-1, WBAI-3, WPFW-2). I have scheduled interviews with 5 of the candidates for this week. Click here to view the detailed job description
  • I sent a notice to all of the station general members with the job description and will again remind them to post the description directly on their site and share with the station network. So far, only one station, KPFT, has posted the LES position on their website.
  • As a reminder, the job description was also posted on the following;

Station Member Lists

  • From previous NES/LES reports there were a number of previous disputes about the confirmation of listener and staff volunteer members. I am inquiring with each station on how they document listener and staff volunteers and will also create a written post/memo to clearly outline the requirements to be classified as a listener volunteer/staff volunteer and how each station keeps track of volunteer information. I will also create a form in which an individual can file a grievance if they feel they have been left off of the respective volunteer list.

Candidate Recruitment

  • As indicated above, I am currently building the online candidate portal on the elections website. Additionally, I am updating the candidate nomination packet and recording carts specifically for candidate recruitment.

Online Voting Vendors

  • I have researched a number of online voting platforms and have narrowed down the potential vendors down to two options. I am conducting a final review and budget comparison and will have a final recommendation to the Executive Director on or before June 15th.

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