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TO: All Interested Parties

FROM: L. Joy Williams, National Election Supervisor

DATE: October 19, 2015

RE: Fair Campaign Violations of Deb Shafto & George Reiter

On September 24th, the KPFT Local Election Supervisor issued a ruling on the Fair Campaign Provision complaint against the candidate Deb Shafto and staff member George Reiter.

Several Pacifica and KPFT members contacted the National Election Supervisor regarding the LES’s decision and after review of the information and discussion with the LES, I agree that the remedies for this violation must be stronger.

In this instance, the candidate Deb Shafto was aware that her appearance on-air violated the Fair Campaign Provisions as she signed and submitted a statement declaring she understood and would abide by the Fair Campaign Provisions. The LES has already removed her candidate cart from air and a censure statement has been added to her statement on the elections website. Additionally, I will be adding the censure statement to the candidate’s statement on the online ballot and the candidate will not participate in the KPFT on-air forums.

Regarding the staff member George Reiter, the LES issued a warning, but It is my recommendation that Mr. Reiter be removed from air until the end of the election.


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