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Below are updated voter totals and the approximate vote quorum for each Pacifica station participating in the 2015 Local Station Board election.

Please note that the final number may change and therefore the quorum will change.

Duplicate ballots discovered after the mail date and ballots returned to sender will be subtracted from the number of ballots sent. Additionally, ballots sent to individuals who show proof of membership and voter eligibility after the initial ballot mailing must be added. Final quorum will be certified at the close of the election.


Total Listener Voters: 8,137         Listener Quorum: 814

Total Staff Voters: 169                   Staff Quorum: 42



Total Listener Voters: 16,304       Listener Quorum: 1,630

Total Staff Voters: 306                   Staff Quorum: 76



Total Listener Voters: 6,115         Listener Quorum: 611

Total Staff Voters: 158                   Staff Quorum: 39



Total Listener Voters: 15,407       Listener Quorum: 1,541

Total Staff Voters: 269                   Staff Quorum: 67


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