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For the first time, Pacifica will give eligible voters the option to cast their ballot for the Local Station Board Elections online. Providing this option will help reduce the cost of the elections and has the potential to increase voter participation in the Local Station Board elections. Due to the increasing number of people with mobile devices, the option of online voting will also make voting more convenient and accessible.

The vendor selected to provide this service is Simply Voting, Inc. which is a full-service provider of secure, hosted online elections used by hundreds of organizations, municipalities, universities, banks and unions to safely and securely execute their elections.

Please find below information on how the online voting process will work.

Once voting begins, voters will visit the elections website and fill out their unique login credentials and click the login button which will be prominently located on the elections website. Once authenticated and logged in, the voter is presented with an electronic ballot with the election category they are eligible to vote in, either Listener or Staff.

If the voter hasn’t yet voted, he/she may click on the election and a tamper-proof electronic ballot will appear. When he/she submits a ballot, the results are encrypted and kept anonymous. The voter is issued a receipt and is now blocked from voting in the current election again.

Each vote is stored without any information that can be traced to the voter;  therefore no one will be able to determine what a particular voter has voted. Once the electronic ballot has been cast a printable receipt is provided to assure voters their votes have been recorded as intended.

Simply Voting also produces a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) by providing a file containing votes and receipt numbers at the close of the election. This provides an independent verification system which allows voters to verify that their vote was cast correctly and detect any possible election fraud or malfunction. It also provides a means to audit the electronic results.

To learn more about Simply Voting, visit the company website at http://www.simplyvoting.com

To try out the online voting system, visit the demo site at https://demo.simplyvoting.com/

Have more questions? Post your question in the comments below and they will be answered in the next post titled “Frequently Asked Questions About Pacifica’s Online Voting Option”.

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