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Below are images of the ballots mailed to eligible voters for the Local Station Board (LSB) elections. There was a slight error in the voting instructions printed on the paper ballots in which the example chart was wrong. Below are the updated instructions, including the corrected example chart.

***********UPDATED EXAMPLE***********

To vote for Candidate B as a 1st choice, Candidate C as a 2nd choice and Candidate A as your 3rd choice, fill out your ballot as follows:


UPDATED EXAMPLE – KPFA Listener Ballot          UPDATED EXAMPLE – KPFA Staff Ballot

 KPFK Listener Ballot          KPFK Staff Ballot

UPDATED EXAMPLE – KPFT Listener Ballot          UPDATED EXAMPLE – KPFT Staff Ballot

UPDATED EXAMPLE – WBAI Listener Ballot          UPDATED EXAMPLE – WBAI Staff Ballot

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