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Hello KPFA Community,

Just a friendly reminder that you must be a member by midnight, Tuesday, July 14th in order to participate in the 2015 Local Station Elections either as a voter, or a prospective candidate! We will still host our signing party on July 14th at KPFA from 6:00pm-9:30pm for those who would like to sign someone’s petition, or sign themselves up as a prospective candidate. The petition for signatures is located inside the nomination package that you may download from our website at elections.pacifica.org, or you can stop by KPFA anytime to pick up a hard copy at the front entrance if you are a prospective Listener Candidate, or in the lobby, if you are a prospective Staff Candidate.

Aside from having to be a member by midnight on Tuesday, July 14th, further eligibility for both listeners and staff are included below this paragraph and are also included in the nomination package; however, further rules and regulations are written in the bylaws, and I am very happy to answer any questions that may arise regarding the elections process.

For Listener-Sponsor Member Eligibility you must fit the following:

Subscriber: Contribute at least $25 to the station between 7/15/2014 and 7/14/2015.

Volunteer: Complete 3 or more verifiable volunteer hours at the station during the same period.

Waived Membership Requirements: Obtain a hardship waiver of membership requirements if procedures for such waivers have been established by your Local Station Board.

For Staff Member Eligibility you must fit the following:

Paid Staff: non-management full or part-time paid staff on the payroll.

Unpaid Volunteer Staff (general info for all stations): Worked at least 30 hours for the station between 4/15/2015 and 7/14/2015, not including phone room time (dates differ with KPFA – see below).

KPFA Unpaid Staff Organization: KPFA has an “Unpaid Staff Organization or Unpaid Staff Collective Bargaining Unit” and thus, according to the bylaws, the rules of this organization determine who is an unpaid staff member eligible to participate in the staff election. You must have completed 30 hours of volunteering over the last 12 months, again, determination of eligibility is determined by the Unpaid Staff Organization.

Any questions please contact me at anytime at kpfa-les@pacifica.org, or call me at 510-629-1458. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully seeing you soon.

Thanks for your patience with the elections process and for your passion for the mission of KPFA.

Your Local Elections Supervisor,

Nelsy Batista


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