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Below is the audio for a cart that will begin to play on Pacifica stations asking voters to sign-up to cast their vote online and help Pacifica reduce costs related to the 2015 Local Station Board elections.

If you have not done so, click here to sign-up to cast your vote online and help the Pacifica stations reduce election costs.

The cart is also available to download on AudioPort here.

Hi, this is your National Election Supervisor L. Joy Williams. Ballots for the Local Station Board elections will be mailed soon, but Pacifica really needs your help to reduce election costs.

Since Pacifica began local station board elections, we have spent thousands of dollars in printing and mailing election material to each eligible voter.

This year, you can help reduce the cost of the elections by signing up to vote online and opt out of receiving mailed printed election materials.

To sign up to vote securely online visit the elections website at elections DOT pacifica DOT org

On the elections website you can sign up to vote online, read statements from the candidates and view tutorials on the casting your online vote. Again, please visit elections DOT pacifica DOT org and sign up to vote online and help reduce the cost of the Local Station Board elections.

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