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The following are the results of the WBAI Listener & Staff elections.

WBAI Listener Delegates
Write-in (Lynne Stewart)
King Downing
John Brinkley
Alex Steinberg
Ralph Poynter
Bob Young
Pauline Park
Jim Dingeman
Eve Moser

WBAI Staff Delegates
Bob Lederer
Shawn Rhodes
R. Paul Martin

Download the round-by-round results report from Simply Voting, Inc.
Listener Results Report
Staff Results Report

View and download the WBAI ballot images and raw results.
WBAI Final Results and Ballot Images


Additional Election Results Notes:

  • As noted in the ballot instructions, tied rankings were not permitted.
  • Spoiled and blank ballots are marked as “Abstain”.
  • Simply Voting rounds to two decimal places by default when transferring surplus votes.
  • Passwords allowed the voter to login, under their unique identity. The voter password was also included on the paper ballots.
  • Receipt code is a code that displayed on screen and was issued after the voter completed their vote, essentially a voting receipt. Only online voters had access to their voting receipt since paper ballots were entered manually.

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