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TO:                  Jim Dingeman

FROM:          Gene A. Johnson, Jr. WBAI Local Election Supervisor

DATE:           October 19, 2015

RE:                  Pacifica Campaign Provision Violation


This memo is to inform Jim Dingeman that he is in violation of the Pacifica Fair Campaign Provision.

Mr. Jim Dingeman, a listener candidate, anonymously voiced two carts on air that played several times regarding WBAI Community Advisory Board meetings.  This specifically violates the following Pacifica Fair Campaign Provision in spirit:

  1. Candidates are not permitted to call in to shows even if they do not use their names, since not all candidates can be included in a call-in show.

The remedy for the violation shall be a censure. Mr. Dingeman will have the following statement read by the Local Election Supervisor, added to the end of his cart:

“The Local Election Supervisor has determined that the candidate whose announcement you just heard violated the Fair Campaign Provisions of the Pacifica Foundation, but that the nature of the violation was not severe enough to warrant disqualification as a candidate.  Details of the violation can be read on the elections web site.”

It is the responsibility of Mr. Dingeman to ensure that the violation does not happen again. If there are any other violations, even if it occurs without your foreknowledge, it will result in the decrease of allotted airtime




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