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My name is Alex Steinberg and I am a listener candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board (LSB). I am a former member of the WBAI LSB and the Pacifica National Board. When I was on the LSB and the PNB I was able to make a number of significant contributions to the health of the WBAI and Pacifica. The reason I want to return to the LSB after a 3 year absence is because since I left Pacifica has gone through a crisis that threatens its continued operation and the operation of WBAI. Something is seriously broken.

You probably know that Pacifica lost over $2,000,000 in CPB funding because Pacifica Management failed to provide the CPB with an audit. This is unacceptable and the fault lies squarely at the feet of the Pacifica National Board which has acted recklessly in their appointments of a CFO who was unable to fulfill this simple task. The Justice and Unity slate that is running in this election has supported the actions of the Pacifica National Board majority. Make up your own mind who you wish to vote for.

Vote for me Alex Steinberg. ELECT INDY CAUCUS 2015.

So, what do you think ?