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Elect Bob Young to WBAI LSB
I have been a member of the LSB for the past three years. Members of the board requested that I get involved with the station while I was involved in the Occupy protests. I was elected LSB Chair immediately during the hard post Sandy year. With the layoffs and financial problems, it was a live or die year for the station. It is a very difficult job. For the last two years, I have been LSB Vice Chair.
The reason for not continuing as Chair was the constant interruptions to the proceedings by certain members of the LSB. These included meetings that had over a hundred objections and points of information by certain LSB members. On one occasion, a LSB member used their two minutes to curse nonstop while giving me the finger. My personal beliefs in free speech challenged me to endure this outrageous behavior. While I had the votes to be elected again, I decided to serve as Vice Chair in the best interests of WBAI.
Most people do not realize that the LSB is empowered to do only certain things. Many things that listeners think we can do are outside the LSB job description. I have now taken the position that the LSB must execute its responsibilities as described in the Bylaws. We need to make quarterly budget reports to the PNB. As a group we have failed to do so. We need monthly treasurer’s reports. We need to hire a program director. We have so far failed to do that. What kind of radio station can operate without one? Both are happening as I encourage more delegates to execute their responsibilities. We need to do more. We need to get back to the Bylaws. We need to do our jobs on the LSB and stop hurting the station. I encourage everyone to read them so they can see what the fiduciary responsibilities of the LSB are and are not.
We need election reform. The petition process is flawed with limited interaction between candidates and listeners. Pacifica spends a lot of money and invests a tremendous amount of time to ensure a better democracy for elections. The way the vote is tabulated is designed to achieve that end. The problems lie with the rest of the process.
Candidates who want to run have absolutely no way to engage the voters in a direct manner. In most political processes, petitioning is a one on one activity. Member information is restricted to only mail houses that will send out independent mailings. So only those with money can have that advantage.
There is ample opportunity for fraud. Without any signatures on file, it is easy for anyone to forge a listener’s signature if they have the rest of that person’s information.
The election supervisor is the final court of resort. That needs to change.

If elected, I will fight for you and WBAI.


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