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I am Carl Makower, listener, supporter and CAB member. I am very concerned about the direction and future of WBAI. As a member of a number of social action boards and committees, it has been my experience that these bodies work cooperatively to advance and achieve their goals. My knowledge of the current LSB is that factionalism and discord, obstruct progress rather than advancing it. For those of us who have supported WBAI fro many years it is discouraging to experience the sad state of the LSB, the continuing loss of listeners and finances. We need change. Why haven’t we seen real efforts to drastically change programming that would attract new listeners? Why has WBAI not received hundreds of thousands of dollars in CPB monies? Why has the LSB been unresponsive to CAB suggestions for increasing our listeners as well as ,many fund raising ideas. We need transformation.

My background includes – NYC Public High School educator, Art Photography and Publications teacher as well as a counselor and student advisor. I am a squad leader at the Park Slope Food Coop. I am a trained accountant BSA Baruch College CUNY. I am a founder and Executive Director of a not-for-profit progressive residential children’s’ camp. Hoping that my years of varied and successful experiences will help transform WBAI.

So, what do you think ?