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Independent candidate for the LSB. As a shared community resource and as a voice of the people, WBAI needs to be supported and defended – and brought to a larger audience. Few other cities have anything remotely like it, and if lost it will be gone forever. As a long-time listener/sponsor I became directly involved in the year 2000, as now a time of peril to the station, which was then under attack by a self-appointed national board seeking to mute dissent, silence Amy Goodman, and entertaining sail of the station. My part was advancing the Listeners’ Lawsuit, which successfully wrested governance of Pacifica forever away from that unaccountable, corporate-dominated board and replaced it with a democratically elected national board chosen by listeners and staff. I am a cancer research scientist at an academic center. My activist focus has included antiwar organizing, racial justice, independence for East Timor, reproductive rights, animal welfare and defending the rights of the Palestinian people – work informed very often by the infusion of information and insight provided by Democracy Now and the many other resources for which we turn to WBAI.

So, what do you think ?