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Let’s Get Things Done!

As a contributing producer for Arts Express and former Chair of the WBAI local board, I am seeking your vote to the LSB on the “Get Things Done” ticket. Actually, there is no such slate. At this stage, we don’t need factions. We need to work together to get things done.

NO to proposals to sell or lease the station. NO to the breaking up of the Network.

Last year, I arranged with a local organization to train some of its members, who are developmentally disabled. At WBAI, they water the plants and package premiums, around 100 per visit.

Those tasks are difficult for them, and they work hard to get it right. They learn skills that many of us take for granted, and WBAI benefits from their work. These volunteers have packaged, cumulatively, over 2,500 premiums which, as you know, had been greatly backlogged.

At WBAI, we often need to devise creative “work-arounds,” and I’ve persevered in helping out my fellow staffers. Just ask “Off the Hook” or Gary Null how their premiums finally got out! The team I coordinated put politics aside and focused on doing the work.

In 2014, I reached out to Yoko Ono for support. She responded wonderfully, with a substantial donation. I’ve also helped to set up off-air fundraising events, including tickets to a Mets game. We all need to take on such efforts – they’re fun! and re-establish teamwork around essential projects.

Last year I arranged for WBAI to meet with Eric Adams, Brooklyn Boro President. Berthold and I met with his staff. Funds are available. But follow-up by management is imperative.

We need a capital campaign for building new studios. I’d set up a meeting with an individual who could help us out. As a member of the LSB, I would be in a better position to monitor and guide that effort.

I arranged for an individual last year to make an emergency loan to WBAI to pay the transmitter rent. We were about to be thrown off the air! I’m not paid by WBAI, fer godsakes!, but I made sure that the person was paid back on schedule.

The website should be generating large amounts of funds for WBAI but it isn’t set up and maintained properly. We’re losing tens of thousands of dollars. I worked with others, and sent a plan to management for redesigning the Donate button. As staff delegate to the LSB, you’d be authorizing me to continue those efforts.

We need to regularly evaluate management.

We need to mobilize the entire WBAI community around coherent plans to promote the station, to double listenership immediately. I’ve submitted plans for achieving that. WBAI needs to implement them or risk becoming obsolete or worse.

With good representation and visionary leadership that gets things done, we can (and must!) save WBAI — this crucial voice in the wilderness against political and artistic repression and for peace — and help it to blossom.

So, what do you think ?